Below are some additional resources about The Great Sending and God's Missio Dei.

The Mission Theses

The Mission Theses are based on the seminal documents, "Our Prayerful Vision for the Future," by lead author Dr. Dean Nadasdy, and "Theological Statement," by lead author Dr. Robert Newton (see Contributors), based on past gatherings of missional leaders and ad hoc conversations during missional conferences.

1. We believe, teach, and confess that God’s mission (the Missio Dei, which belongs to Him and His love for the world) centers in the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17).

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Our Prayerful Vision for the Future

1. We pray for and imagine a church shaped by hope in the Lord of the Church and the power of His Gospel.

2. We pray for and imagine a church driven by a mutual confidence in Scripture alone as the sole authority for our teaching and confession.

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Theological Statement

The vision, purpose, and activities of this "network" rest on th Biblical foundation of God's mission to reconcile the entire world to Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. Rather than playing an adjunct role in our theology and practice, God's Mission (Missio Dei) stands at the heart of who we are as Christians and as Lutherans, confessing God's true message to the world. The Missio Dei rightly serves, then, as the primary lens through which we read the Scriptures and apply its message to ourselves and our world. In short, the Mission Dei determines our being and purpose as a Synod and our biblical confession in the world.

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