More than 500 years ago, theologian and scholar Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany. The theses were Luther’s painstaking deliberations over the way God treated sins and forgiveness.

Now, Christendom is suffering from spiritual blockage and apathy. The church as we know it today is dying missionally, too weak to move out of its comfort zone of caring for itself and too complacent to strive to reach others with the Gospel message of Jesus’ free-to-all love and forgiveness. It is in urgent need of reform for Christ’s saving work. Just as blockages in a physical heart call for urgent attention, spiritual blockage requires intense treatment. 

The Great Sending is a call to join God in something beyond yourself, beyond a congregation, and beyond a denomination. It is centered in and illustrates God’s heart for the world and for sending you into the world. The Great Sending is a Missio Dei scriptural immersion centered on understanding God’s heart for the world and allowing His Spirit to beat in and through you. 

The Mission Theses are based on the seminal documents, “Our Prayerful Vision for the Future,” by lead author Dr. Dean Nadasdy, and “Theological Statement,” by lead author Dr. Robert Newton (see Contributors) based on past gatherings of missional leaders and ad hoc conversations during missional conferences. The Mission Theses capture what we believe, teach, and confess as subscribers to the Missio Dei movement. 

By endorsing The Great Sending initiative and movement, you are also declaring your commitment to the Missio Dei (the sending of God).